Free Redemptions

Example Definitions of "Free Redemptions"
Free Redemptions. A redemption, cancellation or repurchase of Shares of any Fund (other than Reinvested Shares of such Fund) under any arrangement or circumstance (including in connection with any Liquidation Plan adopted by such Fund) which relieves or defers, in whole or in part, such shareholder's obligation to pay the maximum CDSC which would have been payable in the absence of such arrangement or circumstance by any other shareholder of such Fund redeeming a Share of such Fund that had been held by such... other shareholder for the same period the Shares of such Fund had been held by the shareholder in question (at the time of such redemption, cancellation or repurchase, or in the case of any thereof pursuant to a Liquidation Plan, at the time such Liquidation Plan is adopted), including (i) arrangements pursuant to which certain Persons are entitled to acquire Shares of such Fund under circumstances in which no CDSC will be payable by them, and (ii) arrangements pursuant to which CDSCs are deferred in connection with the redemption of Shares of such Fund because the redeeming shareholder is reinvesting all or a portion of the proceeds of such redemption in shares of another fund; provided, however, that the term "Free Redemptions" shall not include any Permitted Free Exchanges View More
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