Free Tradability Condition

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Free Tradability Condition. The satisfaction of any of the following conditions in connection with the issuance of Rights Shares: (i) a registration statement covering the resale of such Rights Shares is effective under the 1933 Act, (ii) following any sale of such Rights Shares pursuant to Rule 144 (assuming transferor is not an affiliate of the Company), (iii) if such Rights Shares are eligible to be sold, assigned or transferred under Rule 144 (provided that the Holder provides the Company with reasonable assurances,... which shall not include an opinion of such Holder's counsel, that such Rights Shares are eligible for sale, assignment or transfer under Rule 144), or (iv) if a restrictive legend is not required under applicable requirements of the 1933 Act (including, without limitation, controlling judicial interpretations and pronouncements issued by the SEC) View More
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