Freely Tradeable

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Freely Tradeable. That (A) the Exchange Securities would be eligible to be offered, sold or otherwise transferred by the Investor pursuant to Rule 144, without any requirements as to volume, manner of sale, availability of current public information (whether or not then satisfied) or notice under the Securities Act and without any requirement for registration under any state securities or 'blue sky' laws; or (B) the resale of the Exchange Securities shall have been registered under the Securities Act pursuant to... a registration statement on Form S-1 or Form S-3 (or any successor form thereto) that has been declared effective by the Commission and with respect to which no stop order preventing or suspending the effectiveness of such registration statement or suspending or preventing the use of the prospectus contained therein has been issued by the Commission and no proceedings for that purpose have been instituted or, to the knowledge of the Company, threatened by the Commission View More
Freely Tradeable. With respect to any security, a security that is eligible to be sold by the holder thereof without any volume or manner of sale restrictions pursuant to Rule 144.
Freely Tradeable. The Registrable Securities (i) are freely transferable under Rule 144 and the securities laws of any other applicable jurisdiction without limitation, or any volume, manner-of-sale or other restrictions or conditions, without registration and without the requirement for the Company to be in compliance with the current public information requirement under Rule 144(c) (or any similar rule then in force) and (ii) do not bear a restrictive legend relating to the Securities Act or the securities... laws of any other applicable jurisdiction or a restricted CUSIP and have been deposited (or are eligible for deposit) in the Depository Trust Company (or successor thereto) View More
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