Example Definitions of "FTE"
FTE. A full time equivalent of an employee for one calendar year
FTE. The full time equivalent of a scientist engaged in performing services under this Agreement
FTE. Shall mean one person who is a SCYNEXIS employee and is engaged on a full-time basis (i.e., at least 40 hours per week) on the Services Team. For the sake of clarity, a FTE is one named person and is not a "full-time equivalent" of 40 hours of work provided by more than one SCYNEXIS employee.
FTE. Devoted to or in support of the conduct of a Study under a Study Plan and that is carried out by one or more employees of Replimune or Regeneron (or their respective Affiliates), as applicable, or any prorated portion thereof.
FTE. A level of effort equal to forty (40) hours per week during the Providing Party's (or its applicable Affiliate's) business hours.
FTE. Means a full-time employee of a Party working over the course of a twelve (12) month period, or several employees of a Party collectively working the equivalent of such full-time employee. FTEs shall be calculated based on the time an employee of the Parties spends working on a billable effort as recorded by such Parties' project time reporting system.
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