Full Time Equivalent

Example Definitions of "Full Time Equivalent"
Full Time Equivalent. ("FTE") shall mean the amount of work equivalent to a full time employee working on a full time basis consistent with normal business and scientific practice (who works at least a forty (40) hour work week with normal vacation, holiday and sick time) working for DPI for a period of one year.
Full Time Equivalent. Shall mean one (1) or more employees of ArQule who, collectively, spend time and effort working on a specific project or task equivalent to the time and effort of one (1) full-time employee working on such project or task (approx. [*****] hours per year).
Full Time Equivalent. One (1) or more qualified full-time employee(s) of ArQule who, alone or collectively, spends one hundred percent (100%) of a forty (40) hour work week on a specific project or task (which is approximately 1700 man-hours reported at ArQule on the project in one year).
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