Fully Burdened Manufacturing Cost

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Fully Burdened Manufacturing Cost. Halozyme's fully burdened cost to manufacture (or acquire from its third party manufacturer) and supply API, including without limitation costs for testing, packaging, shipping and an allocable share of corporate and overhead costs
Fully Burdened Manufacturing Cost. The actual cost of Manufacture by Aquila of the Adjuvant under a Manufacturing Process in compliance with cGMPs, if applicable, which actual cost shall be comprised of the cost of goods produced as determined in accordance with United States generally accepted accounting principles, and shall include direct labor, direct material and allocable manufacturing overhead but shall exclude selling, general and administrative, research and development and interest expenses. Fully-Burdened... Manufacturing Cost shall include, to the extent applicable, the cost to Aquila of having some portion or all of the Manufacturing Process performed by a third party View More
Fully Burdened Manufacturing Cost. Means the consolidated fully burdened cost incurred by AMAG in the Manufacture of Product, calculated in accordance with GAAP and with AMAG's accounting practices applied on a normal and customary basis by AMAG consistent with its practices, which shall equal [***]
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