Fully Diluted Shares

Example Definitions of "Fully Diluted Shares"
Fully Diluted Shares. On any Measurement Date, the number of Shares outstanding, plus the number of Shares subject to all outstanding options, warrants and rights to acquire Shares, whether or not exercisable.
Fully Diluted Shares. Means, at any time of determination, the number of shares of common stock of the applicable entity outstanding at such time, plus the number of shares of common stock of such entity issuable upon exercise or conversion or otherwise pursuant to any in-the-money common stock equivalents of such entity outstanding at such time.
Fully Diluted Shares. The aggregate sum of all shares of Stock issued, and all shares of Stock issuable upon conversion and exercise of all Convertible Securities.
Fully Diluted Shares. All outstanding shares of capital stock of the Company, assuming (A) the conversion of all convertible preferred stock and the conversion or exercise of warrants, options and all other securities convertible into or exercisable for shares of capital stock in the Company (other than the Holder Notes) regardless of whether such convertible securities are "in the money", and (B) the issuance of all shares of capital stock reserved for issuance under any equity plan of the Company, including any... additional stock reserved in connection with a Qualified Financing. View More
Fully Diluted Shares. The total number of Shares issued and outstanding or reserved for issuance, in each case assuming the exercise or conversion of all securities convertible into Shares.
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