Fundamental Amendment

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Fundamental Amendment. Means any amendment, modification, waiver or supplement of or to this Agreement that would have a material and adverse effect on any Lender and (a) increase or extend the term of the Commitments (other than an increase in the Commitment of another Lender or the addition of a new Lender) or change the Facility Termination Date, (b) extend the date fixed for the payment of principal of or interest on any Advance or any fee hereunder, in each case owing to such Lender, (c) reduce the amount of any... such payment of principal or interest owing to such Lender, (d) reduce the rate at which interest is payable to such Lender or any fee is payable hereunder to such Lender, excluding in each case, any such reduction as a result of a full or partial waiver of interest or fees accruing at a default rate imposed during a Facility Termination Event or a result of a waiver of a Facility Termination Event), (e) release any material portion of the Collateral, except in connection with dispositions permitted hereunder, (f) alter the terms of Section 2.4(a), Section 8.3, or Section 17.2 or any related definitions or provisions in a manner that would alter the effect of such Sections, (g) modify the definition of the "Required Lenders" or modify in any other manner the number or percentage of the Lenders required to make any determinations or waive any rights hereunder or to modify any provision hereof, (h) modify the definition of the terms "Advance Rate", "Borrowing Base", "Eligible Collateral Obligation", "Eligible Jurisdiction", "Excess Concentration Amount", "Facility Termination Date", "First Lien Loan", "Fundamental Amendment", "Maximum Portfolio Advance Rate", or "Minimum Equity Condition", or any defined term used therein, in each case in a manner which would have the effect of making more credit available to the Borrower, or make such provision less restrictive on the Borrower in any other material fashion, (i) extend the Revolving Period or (j) modify the form or details of the Monthly Report in a manner that reduces the reporting requirements. View More
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