Further Assurances; Costs

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Further Assurances; Costs. Each party hereto agrees that it shall, at any time and from time to time, promptly and duly execute and deliver any and all such instruments and documents of further assurance and all such supplemental instruments and take such further action as the Borrowers may reasonably request to carry out the purposes and intent of this Termination. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the Lender hereby authorizes each of the Borrowers, the Custodian and the Servicer/Manager to (i) file all... necessary termination statements relating to UCC-1 financing statements filed in connection with the Transaction Documents, (ii) amend or reissue the Certificate of Title for each Vehicle comprising Collateral that notes the lien of the Lender under the Transaction Documents, or (iii) terminate any notice of lien or other filing made in a state motor vehicle filing office relating to the lien of the Lender under the Transaction Documents. The Lender acknowledges that the Limited Power of Attorney, dated August 9, 2005, given by the Lender to U-Haul Co. of Arizona shall continue in effect for as long as reasonably necessary to carry out the authorizations described in the preceding sentence, not to exceed one year from the date hereof, whereupon it shall be deemed revoked. Each party shall bear its own costs and expenses incurred in connection with this Termination, including but not limited to any fees and expenses of outside counsel, and any filing fees or similar costs related to terminating financing statements, removing lien notations from or reissuing Certificates of Title, or terminating notices of liens or other filings made in various state motor vehicle filing offices. View More
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