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GE Group. GE and its Subsidiaries from time to time other than Newco and its Subsidiaries; provided that any Person who at any time is a member of the GE Group shall cease being a member of the GE Group if at any time it is no longer a Subsidiary of GE; provided, further that 'GE Group' shall not include (i) any Person that purchases assets, operations or a business from a member of the GE Group if such Person is not a Subsidiary of GE after such transaction is consummated, and (ii) any Subsidiary of GE... in which a Person who is not an Affiliate of GE holds equity interests and with respect to whom a member of the GE Group, on the Closing Date, has existing contractual or legal obligations (including fiduciary duties of representatives on the board of directors or similar body of such Subsidiary) which exclude GE's ability to impose on the subject Subsidiary such a non-competition obligation. For clarity, any references to an applicable business unit of GE or other member of the GE Group shall be also to the successor of such business unit or member within the GE Group. View More
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