Good Industry Practice

Example Definitions of "Good Industry Practice"
Good Industry Practice. Using the standards, practices, methods and procedures, and exercising the degree of skill, care, diligence, prudence and foresight that would be expected to be used and observed by a skilled and experienced market leading distributor and supplier of products used in the solar industry engaged in carrying out activities the same or similar to the supply of the Products under the same or similar circumstances as those contemplated in the Agreement at the time such activities were performed. Good... Industry Practices are not the optimum practices, methods, techniques, standards and acts to the exclusion of others, but rather refer to those practices, methods, techniques, standards and acts that are generally accepted or approved by a significant portion of the industry in the relevant region, during the relevant time period, as described in the immediately preceding sentence. View More
Good Industry Practice. Means, in relation to any decision or undertaking, the exercise of that degree of diligence, skill, care, prudence, oversight, economy and stewardship which is commonly observed or would reasonably be expected to be observed by skilled and experienced professionals in the Canadian and U.S. mining industries engaged in the same type of undertaking under the same or similar circumstances.
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