Government Obligations

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Government Obligations. Any direct and general obligations of the United States of America (including obligations issued or held in book-entry form on the books of the Department of Treasury of the United States of America) or obligations the payment of the principal of and interest on which when due are fully and unconditionally guaranteed by the United States of America
Government Obligations. Means, with respect to a series of Securities, (i) direct obligations of a government that issues the currency in which the Securities of the series are payable (or, in the case of any series of Securities denominated in Euros, direct obligations of a government of a country in the European Monetary Union) for the payment of which the full faith and credit of such government is pledged, or (ii) obligations of a Person controlled or supervised by and acting as an agency or instrumentality of... such government, the payment of which is unconditionally guaranteed as a full faith and credit obligation by such government, which, in either case under clause (i) or (ii) above, are not callable or redeemable at the option of the issuer thereof; or (iii) depository receipts issued by a bank or trust company as custodian with respect to any such Government Obligations or a specific payment of interest on or principal of any such Government Obligation held by such custodian for the account of the holder of a depository receipt, provided that (except as required by law) such custodian is not authorized to make any deduction from the amount payable to the holder of such depository receipt from any amount received by the custodian in respect of the Government Obligation evidenced by such depository receipt. View More
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