GP Strategic Capital

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GP Strategic Capital. Or the "GP Strategic Capital Business" means the following investment management businesses of, or advised or managed by, one (1) or more Company Entities: (i) the existing "GP Strategic Capital" business, which is comprised of the management of the "Dyal" franchise of flagship funds (Dyal Capital Partners I – Dyal Capital Partners V), including the Dyal Business Services Platform, the Dyal Financing Fund (and its investments), and the Dyal Homecourt Fund and co-invest arrangements entered into... alongside any of the foregoing, (ii) any business managing funds or investment strategies focused on investing in equity, equity-like or similar securities in asset management, wealth management and investment trading businesses or primarily focused on investing alongside the partner managers of the GP Strategic Capital funds, (iii) all successor funds and vehicles of the funds and investment strategies described in clauses (i) and (ii), (iv) any business managing funds or investment strategies primarily focused on equity investments (i.e., as opposed to real estate-focused or credit investments) in businesses in or adjacent to the sports industry, which businesses shall include professional sports teams, sports technology businesses, sporting-related likeness or royalty businesses or securities, or similar investment businesses within the sporting ecosystem and (v) management of any other proposed funds or strategies outside the scope of the description in clauses (i)—(iv) of this definition that are approved in writing to be part of the GP Strategic Capital Business by the CEO. Blue Owl Strategic Equity (with respect to its business line as of the date of this Agreement and any expansion thereof) and any successor thereto is not part of GP Strategic Capital or the GP Strategic Capital Business. View More
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