Grandfathered Participant

Example Definitions of "Grandfathered Participant"
Grandfathered Participant. A Participant who (i) was a Participant in this Plan on December 31, 2004, and (ii) on December 31, 2004, had either attained the age of sixty-five (65) years or completed a Period of Service (within the meaning of the Retirement Plan as in effect on October 3, 2004) of at least five (5) years.
Grandfathered Participant. An individual who is not classified as executive grade under the Company's payroll system but who has been designated by the Committee as being eligible to participate in the Plan. The Committee or its delegate shall specify in a written communication to such Grandfathered Participant whether the Grandfathered Participant is to be treated in the same manner as a Participant who is in Salary Band EL or Salary Band III for purposes of the Plan
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