Gross Equity Raised

Example Definitions of "Gross Equity Raised"
Gross Equity Raised. Means an amount in dollars calculated as of the date of determination that is equal to (a) the initial equity capital of the REIT following the consummation of the Merger, plus (b) equity capital raised in public or private issuances of the REIT's equity securities (calculated before underwriting fees and distribution expenses, if any), less (c) capital returned to the stockholders of the REIT, as adjusted to exclude (d) one-time charges pursuant to changes in GAAP and certain non-cash charges... after discussion between the Manager and the Board of Directors and approved by a majority of the Board of Directors, if and when any of the stock of the REIT becomes publicly traded. View More
Gross Equity Raised. Has the meaning set forth in the Management Agreement.
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