Gross Revenue

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Gross Revenue. Means total gross revenue of Purchaser from the sale of any Acquired Products, or the licensing of any Intellectual Property Assets, to Third Parties and recognized by Purchaser in accordance with GAAP, consistently applied (after giving effect to any reductions for any discount, return, credit, exchange or other adjustment, provided that, in the aggregate, such reductions shall not exceed 1% of such total gross revenue, subject to the proviso below), in connection with the preparation of... Purchaser's financial statements for public reporting purposes, including any such revenue from the sale, after the Closing, of any of Purchaser's other products (other than Purchaser's products that exist, or are being developed as of, the Closing) having the same function as and replacing, or which could function as a replacement for, an Acquired Product without any material design modification to the customer application of such Acquired Product; provided, however, that in no event shall Gross Revenue include revenue from products returned to Purchaser as a result of a failure or defect in the quality or functionality (based upon customer specifications) of such products View More
Gross Revenue. Gross receipts actually received by CONEKSIS or its sublicensees from the Sale of a Commercial Product, Licensed Product, or Licensed Service, as the case may be
Gross Revenue. The gross revenue received by Modern Round [****] the [****] or [****] of any [****], including, but not limited to: (a) [****] and [****] fees; (b) [****] fees; (c) [****] and [****] sales at a [****]; (d) [****] of [****] or similar [****] or [****] when such [****] or [****] are [****] at a [****]; and (e) [****] taking place at a [****]; however, "Gross Revenue" shall not include [****] by [****], such as for [****] or [****], or otherwise [****] to a [****]
Gross Revenue. The actual gross revenues realized from Operations during the Term period before any deductions or expenses are subtracted.
Gross Revenue. Any and all revenues, payments, income and proceeds derived from, or as a result of, the Commercialization of any of the Licensed Technology and/or any of the Products, from any source, by or on behalf of Licensee or any of its subsidiaries, contractors and Sublicensees (in each case, an "Invoicing Entity"), whether in cash, credit, debt, equity (securities or options to purchase securities, including convertible notes or securities or any other agreement or instrument that grants a right to... convert any amount to equity), in kind or otherwise, in any currency, including, but not limited to, compensation, fees, royalties, commissions, sublicense fees, securities and collateral, insurance proceeds, interest payments, penalty payments, dividends, collection of accounts receivables, cancellation fees or liquidated damages, for the relevant period for which the calculation of Gross Revenues is being made, less only the following: (a) customary and reasonable trade, quantity, or cash discounts to the extent actually allowed and taken; (b) amounts repaid or credited by reason of rejection or return, to the extent permitted under the Licensee's policies then in effect; (c) to the extent separately stated on purchase orders, invoices, or other documents of sale, any taxes or other governmental charges actually levied on sale, transportation, import, export or delivery of a Product; and (d) customary, reasonable and direct outbound transportation, packing and delivery charges, as well as prepaid freight (including shipping insurance) actually incurred, provided that: (a) in any transfers of Licensed Technology and/or Products between an Invoicing Entity and a Subsidiary of such Invoicing Entity not for further transfer or sale by such Subsidiary, Gross Revenue will be equal to the fair market value of the Licensed Technology and/or Products so transferred, assuming an arm's length transaction made in the ordinary course of business; and (b) in the event that an Invoicing Entity receives non-cash consideration for any Licensed Technology and/or Products or in the case of transactions not at arm's length with a non-Subsidiary of an Invoicing Entity, Gross Revenue will be calculated based on the fair market value of such consideration or transaction, assuming an arm's length transaction made in the ordinary course of business View More
Gross Revenue. All revenue generated by the Joint Venture including, without limitation, all revenue from the sale of the Product to a Processing Facility and the sale of hemp oil isolate and distillate from the industrial hemp biomass
Gross Revenue. Total monies received from all Customers in any way connected with the rendering of the Services and Licensed Software in the Territory.
Gross Revenue. The total revenue generated and received by Company from all forms of sales pertaining to or derived from the Endorsed Product minus ONLY the customer returns.
Gross Revenue. All revenue or other consideration recognized by Licensee in accordance with United States Generally Accepted Accounting Principles related to use of the Licensed Patents in the Field of Use, including through Targeted Accessibility Products or Services, including sales, licenses, leases, subscriptions and maintenance, services, development and consulting fees.
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