Gross Revenues

Example Definitions of "Gross Revenues"
Gross Revenues. Any and all funds received by the Company from the sale of the Products in the Territory
Gross Revenues. All fees or other payments actually received by a Party and its Affiliates for licensing, leasing, renting, or providing maintenance for any Software Product (and/or, in the case of Schrödinger, any Other Schrödinger Products). Where the Software Product or Other Schrödinger Product is licensed, leased, or rented together with other software as a suite, package, library, or similar configuration (hereinafter, "Suite") in a transaction where the cost of the Software Product or Other... Schrödinger Product, as applicable, is not listed as a separate line item, but rather a single fee or payment is stipulated for all the products in the Suite (such fee or payment, the "Suite Price"), the portion of such Suite Price that shall be considered Gross Revenue shall be equal to the product of (i) such Suite Price and (ii) a fraction for which the Minimum List Price (as defined in Section 5.2 below) for the Software Product or the list price of the Other Schrödinger Product, as applicable, is the numerator and sum of the Minimum List Price (or the Other Schrödinger Product list price, as applicable) and the then-current aggregate list price for all other software included in the Suite is the denominator. For the avoidance of doubt, Gross Revenues shall not include any revenues from the licensing, leasing, or renting of (or providing maintenance for) (a) any DESRES product that does not incorporate any Schrödinger Software or statically or dynamically link to any portion of Schrödinger Software or (b) any Schrödinger product that is not an Other Schrödinger Product or Software Product or that merely executes or reads and/or parses outputs generated by the DESRES software currently known as "ARK". View More
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