Guarantor Claims

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Guarantor Claims. All debts and liabilities of Borrower to any Guarantor, together with interest thereon, whether such debts and liabilities now exist or are hereafter incurred or arise, or whether such obligations of Borrower thereon be direct, contingent, primary, secondary, several, joint and several, or otherwise, and irrespective of whether such debts or liabilities be evidenced by note, contract, open account, or otherwise, and irrespective of the Person in whose favor such debts and liabilities may, at... their inception, have been, or may hereafter be created, or the manner in which they have been or may hereafter be created. Guarantor Claims shall include without limitation all rights and claims of any Guarantor against Borrower (arising as a result of subrogation or otherwise) as a result of Guarantor's payment of all or any portion of the Environmental Damages. View More
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