Guaranty of Non-Recourse Obligations

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Guaranty of Non-Recourse Obligations. Page 1 3. Guaranteed Obligations. Guarantor hereby absolutely, unconditionally and irrevocably guarantees to Lender the full and prompt payment and performance when due, whether at maturity or earlier, by reason of acceleration or otherwise, and at all times thereafter, of: (a) all amounts, obligations and liabilities owed to Lender under Article 3 (Personal Liability) of the Loan Agreement (including the payment and performance of all indemnity obligations of Borrower described in Section... 3.03 (Personal Liability for Indemnity Obligations) of the Loan Agreement and including all of Borrower's obligations under the Environmental Indemnity Agreement); and (b) all costs and expenses, including reasonable fees and out-of-pocket expenses of attorneys and expert witnesses, incurred by Lender in enforcing its rights under this Guaranty. View More
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