Hard Costs

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Hard Costs. The actual costs of goods, services, and materials incurred by the Advisor, including: (1) mobile phones and personal communication costs; (2) travel and hotel expenses; (3) meals and entertainment; (4) conference fees and related charges; (5) employee recruiting fees; (6) employee relocation costs; (7) employee gifts and other; (8) contract labor; (9) education and training; (10) dues, subscriptions and licenses; (11) office supplies; (12) printing costs; (13) computer accessories and software... and licensing costs; (14) postage, shipping and courier expenses. View More
Hard Costs. With respect to the purchase by any Borrower of an item of Eligible Equipment, the net cash amount actually paid to acquire title to such item, net of all incentives, trade in allowances, discounts and rebates, and exclusive of freight, delivery charges, installation costs and charges, software costs, charges and fees, warranty costs, taxes, insurance and other incidental costs or expenses and all indirect costs or expenses of any kind
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