Harvard Patent Rights

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Harvard Patent Rights. In each case to the extent owned and controlled by Harvard: (a) [**] (including the PCT application and/or the US regular utility application filed at or prior to the one year conversion date claiming priority to such provisional application); (b) any patent or patent application that claims priority to and is a divisional, continuation, reissue, renewal, reexamination, substitution or extension of any patent or patent application identified in (a); (c) any patents issuing on any of the patent... applications identified in (a) or (b) and any reissues, renewals, reexaminations, substitutions or extensions thereof; (d) any claim of a continuation-in-part application or patent that is entitled to the priority date of, and is directed specifically to subject matter specifically described in, at least one of the patents or patent applications identified in (a), (b) or (c); (e) any foreign counterpart of any of the patents or patent applications identified in (a), (b) or (c) or of the claims identified in (d); and (f) any claim of any United States or foreign patent or patent application to the extent specifically directed to subject matter of Harvard Inventions. View More
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