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Hazardous Substance. All of the following: (a) Any substance, material, or waste that is included within the definitions of "hazardous substances," "hazardous materials," "hazardous waste," "toxic substances," "toxic materials," "toxic waste," or words of similar import in any Environmental Law; (b) Those substances listed as hazardous substances by the United States Department of Transportation (or any successor agency) (49 C.F.R. 172.101 and amendments thereto) or by the Environmental Protection Agency (or any... successor agency) (40 C.F.R. Part 302 and amendments thereto); and (c) Any substance, material, or waste that is petroleum, petroleum-related, or a petroleum by-product, asbestos or asbestos-containing material, polychlorinated biphenyls, flammable, explosive, radioactive, freon gas, radon, or a pesticide, herbicide, or any other agricultural chemical View More
Hazardous Substance. Any substance, material or waste listed, defined, designated, classified, regulated or otherwise characterized as hazardous, toxic, radioactive, dangerous, a pollutant or a contaminant, or words of similar meaning and effect by any Governmental Authority with jurisdiction over the environment, health or safety. Hazardous Substance includes mold, fungus, spores and other microbial matter in the indoor environment, petroleum and any byproduct or fraction thereof, polychlorinated biphenyls and... asbestos View More
Hazardous Substance. Any substance which is deemed to be, alone or in any combination, hazardous, hazardous waste, toxic, radioactive, a pollutant, a deleterious substance, a contaminant or a source of pollution or contamination under Environmental Laws, whether or not such substance is defined as hazardous under such Environmental Laws
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