Health Benefits

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Health Benefits. The medical, dental and vision benefits provided (i) to Executive, the Executive's spouse, and eligible dependents immediately prior to Executive's retirement or (ii) to other similarly situated executives in the employ of Trust.
Health Benefits. If Executive (and/or Executive's covered dependents) is eligible for and properly elects to continue group medical and/or dental insurance coverage, as in place immediately prior to the Termination Date, the Company's continued payment of the Company's portion of any premiums or costs of such coverage until the earlier of (i) twelve (12) months after the Termination Date, or (ii) the date Executive (and/or Executive's covered dependents, as applicable) is eligible to receive group medical... and/or dental insurance coverage by a subsequent employer, in either case provided Executive remains eligible for continuation coverage and timely pays Executive's portion, if any, of such coverage. All such Company-provided medical and/or dental insurance premiums, or costs of coverage, will be paid directly to the insurance carrier or other provider by the Company and Executive will make arrangements with the Company to pay Executive's portion of such coverage in an amount equal to such portion that Executive would pay if Executive was actively employed by the Company during such period. View More
Health Benefits. A monthly cash payment in an amount equal to the monthly employer contribution that the Company would have made to provide health insurance to the Employee if the Employee had remained employed by the Company.
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