Held Shares Value

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Held Shares Value. For shares of Common Stock acquired by the Investor upon a conversion of a Debenture within the twenty (20) Trading Days (excluding any Trading Days on which the on which the Investor is restricted from making sales of Registrable Securities covered by any previously effective Registration Statement) preceding the Restricted Sale Date, but not yet sold by the Investor, the principal amount of the Debentures converted into such Conversion Shares; provided, however, that if the Investor effected... more than one such conversion during such twenty (20) Trading Day period and sold less than all of such shares, the sold shares shall be deemed to be derived first from the conversions in the sequence of such conversions (that is, for example, until the number of shares from the first of such conversions have been sold, all share s shall be deemed to be from the first conversion; thereafter, from the second conversion until all such shares are sold). View More
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