Human Resources/Compensation Committee

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Human Resources/Compensation Committee. Upon recommendation of the Chairman, shall have the authority to do all such things as are appropriate to ensure the proper administration of this Plan according to its terms, including but not limited to: (i) Approval of the Participants in the Plan; (ii) Approval of Corporate Performance Goals; (iii) Approval of Business Unit Performance Goals; (iv) Approval of (a) Target Award Levels, (b) Maximum Award Opportunities, and (c) allocation of the proportion of Awards to be based on Corporate,... Business Unit and Individual Goals; (v) Determination of the Award, if any, that may be made to each Participant, such determination to be reported to the Board at its next regularly scheduled meeting after the determination is made; and (vi) Establishment of any policies, rules or regulations necessary for the proper administration of the Plan. (vii) Establishment of any future service requirements which must be met as a condition to the full vesting of an Award. View More
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