Example Definitions of "IDENTIFIED PRODUCT"
IDENTIFIED PRODUCT. Any product that, in whole or in part, is discovered, identified, selected or determined to have utility in whole or in part by the use of LICENSED PRODUCTS and/or LICENSED PROCESSES. For example, IDENTIFIED PRODUCTS shall include, without limitation, a new or previously known product for which LICENSED PRODUCTS and/or LICENSED PROCESSES are used to identify criteria for either selecting or deselecting groups and/or individuals for a particular use of such product, thereby clinically increasing... the efficacy and/or safety of the use of such product. By way of further example, IDENTIFIED PRODUCT shall include a drug compound that, through the use of the LICENSED PRODUCT or LICENSED PROCESS, is specifically selected to treat a particular subset of individuals with the drug compound and/or to specifically exclude another subset of individuals from receiving the drug compound. View More
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