iHispano Partner

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iHispano Partner. A Third Party provider of job search services with which iHispano has an alliance or cooperation relationship and that agrees in writing to cooperate with iHispano on terms and conditions consistent with this Agreement, subject to the consent of Monster on a case-by-case basis. iHispano shall use best efforts to obtain from ALPFA and NSHMBA their respective written agreements to (i) accept Job Postings from Monster Diversity that have been reviewed and qualified by iHispano and (ii) provide... resumes to Monster Diversity for inclusion in the Monster Web Site resume database and designated/flagged therein as Diverse Candidate resumes, it being understood that such agreements may be conditioned upon ALPFA's and NSHMBA's continuing satisfaction with such arrangement. iHispano Partners shall include all future partners as agreed to in writing by the Parties. Monster may remove an iHispano Partner for any or no reason upon thirty (30) days prior written notice to iHispano. View More
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