Example Definitions of "ILLEGALITY OF LOAN"
ILLEGALITY OF LOAN. Borrower hereby agrees to pay to Lender on demand (i) all costs and expenses of Lender in connection with, and any stamp or other taxes or charges (including filing fees) payable with respect to, this Note and the enforcement hereof; and (ii) any amount necessary to compensate it for any losses or costs (including funding costs) sustained by it as a consequence of any default by Borrower hereunder, and (b) any increased costs Lender may sustain in maintaining the borrowing evidenced hereby as... provided in Section 10 of the Loan Agreement. Borrower consents to any and all extensions of time, renewals, waivers or modifications that may be granted by Lender with respect to the payment or other provisions of this Note, and to any substitution, exchange or release of the collateral for this Note, or any part thereof, with or without substitution of said collateral. Any delay on the part of Lender in exercising any right under this Note shall not operate as a waiver of any such right, and any waiver granted or consented to on one occasion shall not operate as a waiver in the event of any subsequent default. BORROWER HEREBY IRREVOCABLY WAIVES ALL RIGHT TO A TRIAL BY JURY IN ANY PROCEEDINGS HEREAFTER INSTITUTED BY OR AGAINST BORROWER IN RESPECT OF THIS NOTE OR ARISING OUT OF ANY DOCUMENT, INSTRUMENT OR AGREEMENT EVIDENCING, GOVERNING OR SECURING THIS NOTE, INCLUDING ALL LOAN DOCUMENTS. View More
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