Example Definitions of "Impracticable"
Impracticable. The Committee (or, in the absence of the Committee, a majority of the Company's independent directors) may determine that recovery of Recoverable Compensation is Impracticable (and thus that recoupment of Recoverable Compensation is not required) if: (i) the direct expense paid to a third party to assist in enforcing the Policy would exceed the Recoverable Compensation and the Company has (A) made a reasonable attempt to recover such amounts and documented such attempts and (B) provided... documentation of such attempts to the applicable listing exchange; (ii) recovery would violate applicable home country law (adopted prior to November 28, 2022) and the Company provides an opinion of counsel to that effect to the applicable listing exchange; or (iii) recovery would likely cause an otherwise tax-qualified retirement plan, under which benefits are broadly available to employees of the Company, to fail to meet the requirements of the Code. View More
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