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Incentive Compensation. In respect of a fiscal year, the sum of (i) all annual cash incentive compensation earned by the Executive in respect of such fiscal year (whether paid during such fiscal year or thereafter), plus (ii) the aggregate grant date value of equity-based compensation granted to the Executive in lieu of annual incentive compensation earned in respect of such fiscal year. For purposes of clarity, the cash incentive compensation earned in respect of fiscal year 2015 shall include the $1,476,712 paid to... the Executive during such fiscal year prior to the Effective Date and additional amounts, if any, that may be awarded with respect to such fiscal year. View More
Incentive Compensation. For any Plan Year, any amount earned by a Participant during that Plan Year under the Company's Non-Equity Incentive Compensation Plan, regardless of whether such amount is payable during that Plan Year.
Incentive Compensation. An annual bonus payable to Executive pursuant to Agreement paragraphs 4(b).
Incentive Compensation. Cash payments made under the Company's executive Incentive Compensation program. Incentive Compensation consists of payments made for the achievement of corporate objectives and for the achievement of individual objectives.
Incentive Compensation. Means, for any fiscal year of the Company, the cash incentive bonus paid or payable to Executive pursuant to the Compensation Plan for such fiscal year.
Incentive Compensation. With respect to any Company year, the annual incentive the Employee would have been entitled to receive under the Short-Term Incentive Plan or any future plan intended to replace the Short-Term Incentive Plan of the Company providing for incentive compensation had he or she remained employed by the Company
Incentive Compensation. All incentives, whether paid in cash or in equity that are awarded, granted, earned, vested or paid to an employee
Incentive Compensation. A performance incentive fee, payable to the Manager upon any profit distributions to the Developer, and calculated as 20% of all profit distributed to Developer above a 30% Internal Rate of Return on the Project. The Internal Rate of Return shall be calculated on a pre-tax basis
Incentive Compensation. For the applicable Fiscal Year, the sum of Employee's cash bonus, stock awards, restricted stock units, performance stock units, option awards, and other equity and non-equity incentive compensation as measured on their respective grant dates in accordance with the rules of SEC Regulation S-K Item 402(c) (or as described in any successor provision(s) or definition(s)).
Incentive Compensation. Compensation payable by Alleghany where the amount of, or entitlement to, the compensation is contingent on the satisfaction of pre-established organizational or individual performance criteria relating to a performance period of at least 12 consecutive months, and in most cases would include the compensation payable pursuant to the Alleghany Corporation Management Incentive Plan and the Alleghany Corporation 2007 Long-Term Incentive Plan and any predecessor or successor annual or long-term... incentive plans. Compensation may be Incentive Compensation where the amount will be paid regardless of satisfaction of the performance criteria due to the Participant’s death or disability, provided that a payment made under such circumstances without regard to the satisfaction of the performance criteria will not constitute Incentive Compensation and so payment will be made without giving effect to the Deferral Election. Disability refers to any medically determinable physical or mental impairment resulting in the Participant’s inability to perform the duties of his or her position or any substantially similar position, where such disability can be expected to result in death or can be expected to last for a continuous period of not less than 6 months View More
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