Incentive Fee

Example Definitions of "Incentive Fee"
Incentive Fee. Fifteen percent (15%) of Net Earnings Before Taxes, provided that the fee shall not be earned to the extent that Net Earnings Before Taxes is not sufficient to make the payment.
Incentive Fee. The meaning ascribed to such term in the Management Agreement
Incentive Fee. An incentive management fee calculated and payable (in cash) each fiscal quarter in arrears in an amount equal to 20% per annum of the dollar amount by which the Trust's Core Earnings, for the Rolling Four Quarters Period, plus the amount of the Incentive Fee, if any, during any of the fiscal quarters in such Rolling Four Quarters Period and less the amount of any Core Earnings Offset, exceeds the product of: (1) the weighted average of the issue price per Common Share of all of the Trust's... public offerings of Common Shares (including the Initial Public Offering) multiplied by the weighted average number of Common Shares outstanding (including, for the avoidance of doubt, restricted share units granted under one or more of the Trust's equity incentive plans) in the four-quarter period; and (2) 8.0%. For purposes of calculating the Incentive Fee, outstanding limited partnership interests in the Operating Partnership (other than limited partnership interests held by the Trust) shall be treated as outstanding Common Shares. View More
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