Incentive Pay

Example Definitions of "Incentive Pay"
Incentive Pay. Means such forms of incentive compensation (other than an Asset Bonus or Longevity Bonus under the Financial Advisor Compensation Program) as the Administrator may designate from time to time as eligible for an Incentive Pay Deferral Election hereunder.
Incentive Pay. The aggregate annual payments of cash or equity compensation (determined without regard to any deferral election) and annual vesting of equity compensation, in addition to Base Pay, under any bonus, incentive, profit-sharing, performance, discretionary pay or similar agreement, policy, plan, program or arrangement (whether or not funded) of the Company or a Subsidiary, or any successor, providing economic value on an aggregate basis at least as favorable to the Executive, in terms of the amount... of benefits, levels of coverage and performance measures and levels of required performance, as the benefits payable prior to the Change-in-Control. View More
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