Incentive Plan(s)

Example Definitions of "Incentive Plan(s)"
Incentive Plan(s). Shall mean any incentive, bonus, deferred compensation or similar plan or arrangement currently or hereafter made available by Employer in which Executive is eligible to participate.
Incentive Plan(s). The Company's 2018 Omnibus Incentive Plan, the Omaha Topco Ltd. 2015 Non-Employee Director Stock Incentive Plan, and the Omaha Topco Ltd. 2014 Stock Incentive Plan, each as amended from time to time (and/or the most recent successor plan thereto adopted by the Company for the purpose of providing equity and other incentive compensation to the employees and other service providers of the Company Group, if any)
Incentive Plan(s). Individually and collectively the Hudson Valley Holding Corp. Long Term Incentive Plan, and the Hudson Valley Holding Corp. Annual Incentive Plan
Incentive Plan(s). Shall mean the Key Energy Services, Inc. Management Incentive Plan to be adopted following the date hereof and as in effect from time to time and any subsequent plans adopted by the Company's Board of Directors.
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