Incidental Rights

Example Definitions of "Incidental Rights"
Incidental Rights. (a) all books and records relating to the Collateral, (b) all indemnities, guaranties or warranties relating to any type of the Collateral to the extent a security interest is permitted to be granted therein pursuant to the Code and (c) all governmental filings, permits, approvals or licenses relating to the ownership, use or occupancy of the Inventory that constitutes Collateral to the extent that (i) a security interest may be granted therein under applicable Law, (ii) the granting of a... security interest therein would not result in the termination, suspension or limitation thereof or otherwise violate applicable Law and (iii) the granting of a security interest therein would not require the prior approval of or prior notice to any Governmental Authority under applicable Law, which notice or approval has not been made or obtained. View More
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