Increase in Operating Pretax Earnings

Example Definitions of "Increase in Operating Pretax Earnings"
Increase in Operating Pretax Earnings. Except as provided in Section 2(a)(ii), the Increase in Operating Pretax Earnings ("OPTE") for the Performance Period is equal to the average of the percentage change in OPTE calculated for each Fiscal Year ending during the Performance Period. The percentage change in OPTE for each Fiscal Year is computed by comparing the Subsidiary's OPTE for the relevant Fiscal Year (the calculation of which does not include gain on the sale of fixed assets and is subject to other adjustments determined by... the Committee) to the Subsidiary's OPTE for the prior Fiscal Year; provided, however, that no more than a thirty-percent (30%) increase in the OPTE for any Fiscal Year during a Performance Period shall be taken into account in determining the Increase in OPTE for such Performance Period. View More
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