Indemnified Claims

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Indemnified Claims. Means any and all claims, demands, actions, causes of action, judgments, liabilities, damages and consequential damages, penalties, fines, costs, fees, expenses and disbursements (including, without limitation, the reasonable and documented fees and expenses of attorneys and other professional consultants and experts in connection with any investigation or defense), which may be imposed upon, threatened or asserted against or incurred or paid by any Indemnified Person at any time and from time... to time, because of, resulting from, in connection with or arising out of any transaction, act, omission, event or circumstance connected with the Collateral or the Documents (including but not limited to (i) enforcement of the rights thereunder by any Indemnified Person or the defense of the actions of any Indemnified Person thereunder and (ii) Resellers access to or use of the Portal), excluding with respect to any Indemnified Persons, any of the foregoing directly caused by such Indemnified Person's gross negligence or willful misconduct. View More
Indemnified Claims. Is defined in paragraph 11.a
Indemnified Claims. Defined in paragraph 12.a
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