Independent Patent Improvements

Example Definitions of "Independent Patent Improvements"
Independent Patent Improvements. A patented modification, improvement or enhancement (an "Improvement") of a device, method, or product described in a Licensed Patent excluding any MTA Intellectual Property, provided that (i) Dr. Emily Gillespie is an inventor of the Improvement; (ii) the Improvement was first conceived or reduced to practice during the first three (3) years of the term of this Agreement; (iii) the University solely owns all present and future rights, titles, and interests, including patent and other... intellectual property rights, in the Improvement, free and clear of any third party's rights, except for the rights of the United States of America; and (iv) but for the license granted in this Agreement, the Improvement would infringe (including under the doctrine of equivalents) a claim in a Licensed Patent or in a Patent Application. View More
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