Informational Materials

Example Definitions of "Informational Materials"
Informational Materials. Means all prospectuses, registration statements and any other similar informational materials (including, but not limited to, documents required to be filed with governmental or regulatory agencies) (collectively, Category 1 Informational Materials), and all advertisements, brochures, Web sites, sales, marketing, and promotional and any other similar informational materials (collectively, Category 2 Informational Materials) relating to Shares that in any way use or refer to the SPDR Mark.... Informational Materials shall not include general references to the Shares in materials that are not specifically related to the Shares and do not market, sell or promote the Shares, including, without limitation, materials prepared solely for internal use by WGT, its Affiliates and sublicensees, press or analyst briefing materials and annual reports. View More
Informational Materials. Means those informational materials to be used by the Permitted Licensee Entity in connection with the applicable Permitted Licensee Product in the applicable Licensed Territory, including all related advertisements, brochures, promotional materials, similar informational materials, websites, fact sheets, statements of additional information, reports (annual and semi-annual), prospectuses, registration statements, any written material delivered to an investor or broker-dealer or any written... materials otherwise filed with a governmental or regulatory agency. View More
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