Initial Investor Shares

Example Definitions of "Initial Investor Shares"
Initial Investor Shares. Means the Investor Shares issued to the Investors on or before the Closing Date, as indicated on Schedule I hereto; provided, however that any Investor Shares Transferred to a Person who is not a Permitted Transferee and who is thereafter designated as an "Investor" or "Other Investor" shall not count toward the number of "Initial Investor Shares" still owned by the Investors for purposes of calculating the 25% continuing ownership threshold of the Investors hereunder, but shall continue to be... deemed "Initial Investor Shares" for purposes of determining the number of Shares issued to the Investors on or before the Closing Date. View More
Initial Investor Shares. Has the meaning set forth in the Stockholders Agreement and shall include any stock, securities or other property or interests received by the Investors in respect of the Initial Investor Shares in connection with any stock dividend or other similar distribution, stock split or combination of shares, recapitalization, conversion, reorganization, consolidation, split-up, spin-off, combination, repurchase, merger, exchange of stock or other transaction or event that affects the Company's capital... stock occurring after the date of issuance, but shall not include any Investor Shares acquired after the date of issuance. View More
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