Intangible Personal Property

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Intangible Personal Property. A collective reference to all entitlements and intangible personal property in connection with or arising out of the design, construction, ownership, occupancy, use, management, operation, maintenance, repair or ownership of the Real Property, including without limitation all tradenames, service marks, trademarks and logos associated with the Real Property, if any, including Seller's rights and interest, if any, in the name "Harrison Place Apartments"; the domain name... "http:/"; and Seller's rights and interest, if any, in and to any plans, specifications, architectural and other engineering drawings for all of the buildings, structures and other improvements constructed on or proposed to be constructed on the Real Property; warranties, guaranties and other contract rights, zoning approvals and other Licenses (to the extent assignable); tenant lists, correspondence with tenants, booklets, manuals and other promotional materials with respect to the Real Property; and all phone number(s) and fax number(s) used exclusively in the operation or management of the Real Property by Seller or its property manager. View More
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