Example Definitions of "Intangibles"
Intangibles. Means all of the goodwill, computer software (including all code and related documentation) and all other intangible assets of Company (including, without limitation, all of Company's rights in and to listing agreements with respect to the Intangibles).
Intangibles. Shall have the meaning ascribed to the term "general intangible" in Section 9-102 of the UCC.
Intangibles. Accounts receivable and advances due from officers, directors, members, owners, employees, stockholders and affiliates; goodwill; loan origination costs; and such other similar items as MLMCI may from time to time determine in its reasonable discretion
Intangibles. Means claims (excluding any claims to the extent that they relate to Excluded Assets), goodwill, if any, and any other intangible asset owned or held by Seller (excluding any intangible asset to the extent it is an Excluded Asset) and primarily used in or related to the Business.
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