Intercompany Notes

Example Definitions of "Intercompany Notes"
Intercompany Notes. Means, collectively, any intercompany promissory note executed by Bellagio, TMCH, any Subsidiary of Bellagio or TMCH or any Affiliate of Bellagio or TMCH evidencing any Indebtedness of such party to the Grantor and any indebtedness of any such party to the Grantor that the Grantor acquires in substitution for any of the foregoing, together with all instruments and other agreements evidencing, securing, guaranteeing or otherwise supporting such indebtedness.
Intercompany Notes. The intercompany notes issued by Subsidiaries of the Company in favor of the Company or a guarantor to evidence advances by the Company or any such guarantor, in each case, in the form attached as Exhibit IV hereto.
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