Interest Rate Protection Agreement

Example Definitions of "Interest Rate Protection Agreement"
Interest Rate Protection Agreement. Shall mean an interest rate swap, cap, collar or other hedging or derivative agreement, to which Lender or any Affiliate of Lender is the counterparty, intended to mitigate interest rate risk, along with any other related agreement or instrument executed in connection therewith.
Interest Rate Protection Agreement. Any interest rate swap agreement, interest rate exchange agreement, currency exchange agreement, foreign exchange agreement, interest rate and currency exchange agreement, forward rate agreement, rate floor agreement, interest rate protection agreement, interest rate cap agreement, rate collar agreement, any option agreement respecting the foregoing, International Swaps and Derivatives Association, Inc. (ISDA) Master Agreement, or any similar agreement or arrangement and any schedule,... confirmation, exhibit, document or instrument evidencing any interest in a transaction covered by any such agreement, now existing or hereafter entered into by Borrower and Secured Party or an affiliate of Secured Party in connection with any Indebtedness to hedge the risk of variable interest rate volatility or fluctuations of interest rates, as any such agreement or arrangement may be modified, supplemented, amended or revised and in effect from time to time. View More
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