Example Definitions of "Interest"
Interest. Means any Cash Interest payable under this Note.
Interest. Means any Cash Interest or PIK Interest payable under this Note.
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Interest. An undivided beneficial interest in and to the Property.
Interest. Shall mean Additional Interest, Basic Interest and Deferred Interest
Interest. Interest at a rate equal to eight percent (8.0%) per annum calculated monthly in arrears, and payable in accordance with Section 3
Interest. Section 2.5. Amendment relating to Interest. Clause (i) of Section 2.10(a) is hereby amended by deleting "LIBOR Rate" and inserting in lieu thereof "Adjusted LIBOR Rate".
Interest. The holding or control, in either case directly or indirectly, of securities or debentures whether as legal or beneficial owner or in any other capacity.
Interest. All of a party's right title and interest in the Partnership
Interest. The limited partner interest in a Partnership owned by Seller and set forth on Schedule I and "Interests" shall mean all of the Interests, collectively. For the avoidance of doubt, each Partnership shall include each AIV, parallel vehicle or similar entity through which Seller participated in any underlying investment of any Partnership
Interest. An interest rate corresponding to CIBOR (3 months) plus 3 per cent.
Interest. Any interest (including any default interest) accrued on the Principal pursuant to the terms of this Note and the Facility Agreement.
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