Investment Management Services

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Investment Management Services. Shall mean any services (including sub-advisory services) that involve (a) the management of an investment account or fund (or portions thereof), or a group of investment accounts or funds, of any Person for compensation or (b) the rendering of advice with respect to the investment and reinvestment of assets or funds (or any group of assets or funds) of any Person for compensation (but excluding the rendering of such advice to any subsequent employer of Employee that is not in the business of... managing investment accounts or funds or rendering advice to or for the benefit of third parties with respect to investment or reinvestment of assets or funds, where such advice is rendered solely for such employer's own proprietary use and the only compensation received by Employee is in the form of salary, wages or bonus paid by such employer), and, in the case of both (a) and (b), performing activities related or incidental thereto. View More
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