Investment Subsidiary

Example Definitions of "Investment Subsidiary"
Investment Subsidiary. Means any direct or indirect Subsidiaries of the Company (other than Guarantors) that own, lease, hold and/or are party to (a) any Oil and Gas Properties, (b) any gas processing or gas gathering systems, (c) any farm-out, farm-in, joint operating, joint venture or area of mutual interest agreements and/or (d) any gas gathering systems, pipelines or other similar arrangements, in each case located within or related to the geographic boundaries of the United States of America or Canada.... Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein or in any other Transaction Document, Investment Subsidiaries shall be deemed not to be Subsidiaries of the Company for purposes of Sections 5.1(i), 9.1(a), 9.1(b), 9.1(c), 9.1(f), 9.1(g), 9.1(h), 9.1(k) and 9.1(l). View More
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