Investor Holders

Example Definitions of "Investor Holders"
Investor Holders. Means (i) the Initial Investors and (ii) the Permitted Affiliate Transferees
Investor Holders. Shall mean each of the Investors and its Affiliates for so long as it owns any Registrable Securities and such of its respective successors and permitted assigns (including any permitted transferees of Registrable Securities) who acquire or are otherwise the transferee of Registrable Securities, directly or indirectly, from such Investor (or any subsequent holder), for so long as such successors and permitted assigns own any Registrable Securities.
Investor Holders. Collectively, Bus America Holding BV, Homerica Investment BV, Cerberus International, Ltd., Cerberus Partners L.P., Cerberus Institutional Series Three Holdings LLC, Cerberus Institutional America 2, and any other Affiliate under the control of Cerberus Capital Management, L.P. or Homerica Investment BV, and any subsequent transferee or purchaser of any capital stock or other form of equity interests in any such entity.
Investor Holders. Means the Investor Holders referred to in the Preamble and any other person holding Registrable Securities to whom these registration rights have been assigned pursuant to Section 9(f) of this Agreement.
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