Investor Relations Activities

Example Definitions of "Investor Relations Activities"
Investor Relations Activities. Any activities, by or on behalf of the Company that promotes or reasonably could be expected to promote the purchase or sale of securities of the Company, but does not include: (a) the dissemination of information provided, or records prepared, in the ordinary course of business of the Company; (i) to promote the sale of products or services of the Company, or; (ii) to raise public awareness of the Company, that cannot reasonably, be considered to promote the purchase or sale of securities of... the Company; (b) activities or communications necessary to comply with the requirements of, (i) any applicable Securities Laws; (ii) any requirements of any national or foreign securities exchange or the by-laws, rules or other regulatory instruments of any other self regulatory body or exchange having jurisdiction over the Company; (c) communications by a publisher of, or writer for, a newspaper, magazine or business or financial publication, that is of general and regular paid circulation, distributed only to subscribers to it for value or to purchasers of it, if, (i) the communication is only through the newspaper, magazine or publication, and (ii) the publisher or writer receives no commission or other consideration other than for acting in the capacity of publisher or writer; or (d) activities or communications that may be otherwise specified by any national or foreign securities exchange View More
Investor Relations Activities. Has the meaning defined in the rules of TSX-V.
Investor Relations Activities. The meaning set out in the policies of the TSX-V
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