iTDE Maintenance Contract

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iTDE Maintenance Contract. The management, maintenance and operating agreement under which the JVCo (Customer) shall order from NCX (Operator) the deployment of an agreed number of iTDE Systems using the iTDE Technology in Bolivia. Depending on the extraction target and the configuration of the brine, a certain number of units will be required for the ongoing process (Operating Units). These Operating Units are supplemented by the Standby Units also located at the Plant. The iTDE Maintenance Contract will specify that... for each Process Unit required the Customer will be required to pay a security deposit and mobilization fee. These Processing Units, together with the Standby Units will form the basis of the extraction capability of the overall plant. Each time an Operating Unit is required to be changed or reconfigured due to brine differences, it will be swapped by a Standby Unit suitable reconfigured to enable continuous operation of the overall system. The iTDE Maintenance Contract will also provide for the provision by NCX of the necessary chemicals and in the proportions required from time to time. The Customer shall pay the Operator in a timely fashion in accordance with the terms of the agreement. View More
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