Example Definitions of "Item"
Item. (i) for the purposes of a DRG review, an "Item" is a hospital inpatient discharge for which LifePoint has been reimbursed by Medicare on the basis of one of the focused DRGs set forth in Appendix D; and (ii) for the purposes of a Laboratory Review, an "Item" is an outpatient laboratory test. The OIG shall have the right to change the DRGs included in Appendix D at any time during the term of the CIA.
Item. One (in its singular form) or more than one (in its plural form) Li-Ion battery cells which are manufactured by PEC and which are supplied to Tesla by PIC as specified in (i) Attachment 1, or (ii) an Order.
Item. A component, equipment, material, subassembly or other good and related software and services specified in (i) Attachment 1, (ii) an Authorized Demand Signal; or (iii) a purchase order delivered by Applied to Supplier prior to the Effective Date and undelivered as of such date.
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